Famous indian

We use only the freshest ingredients for you

Mama Mia Ice Cream

a variety of flavours

Mama Mia Ice Cream

We carry your favourite flavours made from fresh ingredients.


Fresh & tangy Indian Dessert

Falooda Dessert

Falooda, a refreshing cold dessert with origins in the India. Traditionally it is made using rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and milk, we served it with your favourite Mama Mia Ice Cream.

Fresh Juice

Fresh & tangy

Favorite Juice

Made from fresh ingredients, our juice is fresh squeezed. We make every serving of juice fresh to the customers taste.

Sourced from local growers and suppliers and carefully crafted fresh for you.

Jas Malhi

We only serve the best

We are the ONLY CHAAT HOUSE IN the fraser valley

The Cedar Park Chaat House is the first of it’s kind in Abbotsford. The “Chaat” is known as an Indian style hors d’oeuvre that was typically served on the roadside, (street food) by food truck vendors. Chaat is a category of food that stands out all on it’s own. It targets practically every element that makes your favourite comfort food crave-able — sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy, Chaat covers it all.

  • Start with Starch
  • Now add fresh vegetables
  • Top with your favourite chutney
  • Must have a dusting of Masala
  • Top it off with something crunchy

The Malhi Family

The Founders of Cedar Park Chaat House,

Abbotsford’s ONLY Chaat House

homemade pani puri, golgappa, indian snack

View our juice and snack menus.

Try our snacks with your family & friends.

keeping it local

Supporting Our Community

The Cedar Park Chaat House and the Mahli family, are very proud to state that they use local suppliers, farmers, retailers and contractors. 

Cedar Park Chaat House

A family owned and operated cafe. The Chaat House is the only one of it's kind in Abbotsford BC.

Kins Farm Market

Market Fresh fruits and vegetables. Kin's Farm Market is our choice for supplying our produce products.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia, a family owned and operator business, is famous for their fresh ice cream and gelato. Providing all your favourite flavours, we only bring you the best!

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We are located in central Abbotsford in the famous Cedar Park Place strip mall. There is ample parking and we provide dine in and take out services. Call ahead and place your order for speedy pick up. 

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2598 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford, BC

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